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The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Camp

Dogs with tongues out

About Us

The front of The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Camp

Award-Winning Facility

The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Camp was custom-designed by a team of leading veterinarians, trainers, pet psychologists, architects, and builders to be one of the most advanced pet care facilities. Since its construction in 2005, The Barkley has been considered one of the most luxurious facilities around the Cleveland area.

Every inch of the award-winning, 15,000 square foot facility was designed for the maximum health and safety of our guests. Located in a prestigious residential neighborhood, The Barkley features top-of-the-line fire suppression, advanced fire alarm service, and video surveillance systems to monitor and record the grounds for an uncompromised, secure environment.  Double exit doors and eight foot (buried) fencing are just a few things that make The Barkley a safe environment for your pets stay with us.

Our Facility
Guest Suite of the The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Camp

Our guest suites feature spacious floor plans with specialized materials, techniques, and technology to help minimize stress and noise factors. Our climate control system ensures proper temperatures are maintained between 65-70 degrees with humidity levels at 30-70%. A centrally linked sanitation system assures uniform attention to cleanliness, while hospital-grade disinfectants keep areas spotless and “flea-free”. Commercial-style laundry facilities produce fresh and sanitary bedding and towels. The end results are what The Barkley is all about…..cleaner, safer, and more comfortable conditions than traditional pet care facilities.